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Something to Be Taken Seriously

“An Inconvenient Truth” DVD case
“An Inconvenient Truth”
DVD case

More than anything else, what personally convinced me of the truth of this video were the positions of various climatologists associated with NASA on this issue. They disagree on how quickly things will deteriorate, but they all acknowledge that it's a problem. I have followed their careers on television documentaries over the years—decades, really—and these are people I admire and that I can trust. If they thought this issue was important enough to express their opinions and possibly incur the displeasure of certain factions in the government, then that is something I have to take seriously. Climatologists have the heavy-duty math, physics, and chemistry education required to make authoritative statements in this very technical field. They not only develop computer models for weather on the earth, but also weather on other planets. That doesn't guarantee that they are right, of course, but the fact that certain FOX News weatherpeople, for example, have expressed doubts on the global warming issue is simply not credible. And while they may be very intelligent, they just don't have the same educational background, and they are not qualified to be making the kinds of statements they are making. I think in the minds of many people, a meteorologist equals a climatologist, but it isn't so.