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Any aesthetic appeal this website may possess is due in large part to The Non-Designer's Web Book, 3rd. edition, by Williams. Highly recommended. Also check out her “Bad Web Design Features” and “Good Web Design Features” online.

Ask Leo! by Leo A. Notenboom

Leo Notenboom got me started on building my website, and he has a lot of other helpful advice as well. See, “What's a good way to get a permanent email address?”

If you do any typing at all, you know it can be one of life's major speed bumps. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing can help. With only a small investment in time—20 minutes of practice per day for a couple of weeks—one can really become quite a good typist. Recommended with some reservations (see next paragraph).

Dvorak keyboard layout
Dvorak keyboard layout (Source: Wikipedia: Dvorak Simplified Keyboard)

Unless you share your computer a lot with others at work, or unless you plan to do little or no typing in your lifetime, I definitely recommend learning the Dvorak keyboard layout rather than the conventional QWERTY layout. By placing the most frequently typed characters where they are most accessible, Dvorak minimizes hand motions, speeding you up while minimizing the stresses leading to carpal tunnel and other repetitive strain injuries. I learned Dvorak, and it's so much easier to use that I would never want to go back. Mavis Beacon got away from teaching it for quite a while, but now it has returned in the Mac version at Software MacKiev, and for PCs there appear to be other online teaching resources you can use, for example at software.informer, although I haven't tried them. If you have, please let me hear from you.

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